Just Passing Through

Just Passing Through is a short documentary film on life as a full-time musician in Australia. Artists’ Gareth Liddiard, Sarah Blasko & Paul Dempsey clear a space in the messy tour van of their lives, to detail the long road behind overnight success.

This is fame and fortune Australia style – unglamorous and hardly secure.


The Film

Just Passing Through was Written, Produced, Edited & Directed by Thomas Hyland. Award winning photographer Sean Fennessy served as the films Director of Photography and Production Designer. Released in 2013, the film reached a passionate audience around the world.



Just Passing Through had it's acclaimed first screening in Melbourne, 2013. Australian media priased the film saying it was "crafted with cinematic subtlety and surprising intimacy... Just Passing Through is a film that deserves your attention" - broadsheet.com.au

The film then made it's North American Premiere at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival in New York before it was screened by SBS on Australian TV.

You can watch the film online at: