We're looking for actors and real people* 

*Outside of commercial work, we're developing a few short film and video art projects that would really benefit from you being involved. If any of the below interest you, please, please please get in touch.

Oh, and by "real people" we mean people who aren't actors





An Ex

: Melbourne
Calling: Real People

An interview project. This series explores human communication. Looking to speak with people (both partners) about the steps that lead them to break up. 


Farewell Transmission.

: World Wide
Calling: Real People

A documentary that is already underway and very close to my heart. Ultimately we're looking to speak with people who have recently received a terminal diagnosis, to talk openly about death.



: Melbourne
Calling: Actors

A short speculative film. Looking for actors of various ages to play lead and supporting roles. Production would take place in Melbourne. Half day availability requirement.



All of the above are projects, we (Clones&Clones) are independently funding. In simple terms, this means they're happening because I'm interested in them for reasons that aren't financial money. These are the ideas that I believe in that don't necessary make sense in a commercial setting.

But like all good things, most won't work without the help of others. What I'm hoping to achieve through this simple call out process is to connect with people interested on the idea level. That isn't to say you won't be paid, but I'd like to start with a common interest in the project.

If any of the above interest you or if you'd simply like to know more about what I'm plotting, I'd love to hear from you. Initially this would just be a casual chat via phone or email.  Brief and completely confidential. Just a chance for you (and me) to ask a few questions. If things end there, that's totally fine.

Anyhow, I hope to hear from you. Feel free to contact me. I made a little form below. If you fill that out, I'll write back as soon as I can. Let's go from there.



                           - Thomas Charles Hyland


Is there a project that interests you most?